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Literature 2024-05-19

Special topic: 2024 fund high-quality development conference: 100 big names gathered to discuss new investment opportunities

May eighteenthDoubleucasinopromoThe high-quality development conference of Sina Finance 2024 Fund opened ceremoniously! Regulators, top economists, more than 20 heads of public funds, nearly 100 fund managers, and nearly 30 popular financial executives gathered in Pengcheng to talk about the development of the fund industry and new opportunities for fund investment.

The theme of this year's fund high-quality development conference is "helping new quality productive forces to go for high-quality development". Under the guidance of the "New Nine articles", the capital market has become a key platform for enterprises to finance and promote economic transformation, while new quality productivity is the core driving force for economic development to high quality, high efficiency, fairness, sustainability and security. At this event, Dou Yuming, Wang Fan, Qi Bin, Wang Yiping and other bigwigs in the asset management industry; top economists such as Liu Yuhui; seller research bigwigs such as Guo Lei and Liu Chenming; Liang Xing, Wang Qunhang, Li Wenliang and other big names in research attended the scene, and 100 important guests gathered together to witness the honor of the industry, discuss the future investment trend, and think about how to help the new quality productivity!

Wang Daming, secretary of the board of directors and deputy general manager of Baozhong Baoda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., attended and delivered a speech saying that from the enterprise level, the emergence of new quality productivity is not abrupt, but will evolve with the original business model and technology as the industrial logic. From the perspective of investment, we have pulled the macro to a more approachable ground. Before, Ruifengda abused the underlying assets to cause financial fraud, and the investment should return to the high-quality assets of the underlying manufacturing industry. From the perspective of new quality productivity, we can find some traditional industries, but it has some new business opportunities and technological breakthroughs, and new quality productivity brings it a second pole growth curve. From the development path and logic of the enterprise's new and old business and technology, you can judge whether its so-called new quality productivity is pure storytelling or an evolution with industrial logic.

The following is the full text of the speech:

Good afternoon, distinguished guests! The theme I share is about the contribution of new quality productivity to our company's lithiated new material plate. A few days ago, I received the agenda of the organizer. I felt quite worried. The topics shared by the first few guests were relatively macro. With regard to macro strategy, international situation, and global allocation, I only talked about the content of one business sector of our enterprise. isn't it a little too small? The organizer's teacher comforted me, don't worry, you just have different angles. I went back and thought about it a little bit. The theme of today's meeting is to help new quality productive forces. We are the only real production enterprise in the room, and all of you here are helping us.

I used to invest in the primary market, and then I invested in manufacturing enterprises, from the depth to the front-line management and business details of enterprises, combined with the fundamentals of investment and industry analysis, it can really bring a lot of inspiration. Today, from the micro-cut of the enterprise, I will talk about how the new quality productivity is produced and how it evolves in the enterprise, as well as the inspiration for the investment strategy.

First of all, I would like to introduce the company, Baozhong Baoda, which, in our popular words, belongs to the capital market, which is relatively low-key. Guests following IPO may notice us, we are waiting in line on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Now that we are going to the capital market, it is still necessary to turn to the capital market to show ourselves. Baozhong Baoda is headquartered in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. Our main business is mainly engaged in customized production services in the fields of plant protection, new materials and medicine.

This is our main sector at present, and the one that accounts for a large proportion of revenue is the plant protection sector. we do the outsourced customization production of three high-end pesticide products for Fumishi, the sixth largest pesticide company in the world. the other is to help Arkadim, the third-largest lithium company in the world, to do customized production of lithium chemicals. From the evolution between the two business sectors, I show how the new quality productivity is generated and evolved in the enterprise from the micro enterprise point of view.

Our company, formerly in Shanghai, has two companies, mainly for the export of human medicine and animal protection drugs. In early 2000, there was an opportunity to develop an original pesticide from Fumei, because the synthesis process of this product was very lengthy and difficult to synthesize. At that time, Fumei was looking for partners in China to help it outsource production.

At that time, the predecessor of our old company stood out and became a partner, which continues to Baozhong Baoda in Jiangsu Province. Because the cooperation of plant protection products was so successful, in 2016, another lithium chemical plate was prepared to be spun off in the early stage of the outbreak of the new energy industry. Because of our successful cooperation in plant protection plate, we have become the outsourcing supplier of customized production of lithium chemical plate.

In the seven years from 2017 to now, our client Fumishi Lithium Chemical Division has gone through a spin-off and listing, established an independent listed company Livent, merged with Australian lithium company Alkem, and now forms a new main body Arkadim.

You may be familiar with lithium carbonate. Lithium hydroxide is also a lithium salt that uses the cathode material for power batteries. It is more suitable for ternary batteries with high nickel. The synthesis step of this material is very simple, but because the power battery has very high requirements for the purity and safety of the material, many impurities should be well controlled in the production process, and the quality control requirements are very strict. the technical requirements for subsequent high-precision impurity removal and recycling are very high, as well as high levels of cleanliness, automation and intelligent control in the production process. There are more than 8400 control points in the whole production line.

The second column on the left is the highest national standard for various impurities of battery-grade lithium hydroxide, and on the right is the average index degree that our company can achieve, which can be focused on, one is the content of magnetic foreign body, our company can reach the level below 10PPP; the degree of fine powder of a product, at present, the company can achieve the level of 5-12 microns.

doubleucasinopromo| Baozhong Baoda Wang Daming: New productivity does not arise abruptly, but evolves with industrial logic

Although our products are supplied directly to Akadem, Tesla, BMW, Panasonic and LG, which ultimately use this product, have to go to our original factory to conduct a very strict supplier certification audit. Our client hired Rheinland of Germany to conduct a quality 16949 standard audit of the automotive industry, which is a very high standard in the industry. A guest mentioned overcapacity just now. You can see that the actual demand for lithium hydroxide and the production capacity currently approved by the country may exceed demand. However, in fact, this overcapacity is also structural. High-quality lithium hydroxide production capacity is still scarce because it is very difficult to pass these certifications.

This is a new technology generated in the development of new businesses. In the process of developing products and new businesses, we use new technologies generated by new productivity. On the one hand, it is energy conservation, on the other hand, it is to improve product efficiency and utilization, as well as intelligence and automation. This is a manifestation of high efficiency. This is an on-site picture of product control. A display is made here, which can realize unmanned, automated and intelligent production.

From the enterprise level, the generation of new quality productivity is not sudden, but is based on the original model and technology, and produces new quality productivity logically, thus having a new state of higher quality production efficiency and more sustainable. From the perspective of investment, we have moved from a macro perspective to a more down-to-earth ground. Previously, Ruifengda abused the underlying assets to cause financial fraud. Investment still has to return to the underlying high-quality manufacturing assets. From the perspective of new productivity, we can find some traditional industries, but it has some new business opportunities and technological breakthroughs, and new productivity has brought it a second pole growth curve. From the development path and logic of the company's old and new businesses and technologies, you can judge whether its so-called new productivity is purely storytelling or an evolution with industrial logic.

Finally, I want to make an advertisement. As long as we build a business in a down-to-earth manner, actively cultivate new productivity, and maintain high-quality development, one day we will meet in the capital market. I also hope to have a warm-up and attention to us with everyone present here. Thank you.

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