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April 12thFreespincoinmaster2018The Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange answered a reporter's question on strengthening the supervision of IPO corporate dividends, saying that it was studying to strengthen the supervision of surprise "warehouse-type" dividends of companies to be listed before listing.

Prior to this, the "opinions on strict access to issuance and listing to improve the quality of listed companies from the source (for trial implementation)" put forward that it is necessary to strictly investigate and prevent companies planning to be listed from raiding "warehouse-type" dividends.


The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges said that in accordance with the spirit of the relevant opinions, they are further studying and strengthening the supervision of the surprise "clearance" dividend behavior of the proposed listed companies before listing, and guide the proposed listed enterprises to promise not to pay cash dividends during the examination period after the declaration. Enterprises are encouraged to use more of their accumulated profits for enterprise development or to share them with new shareholders after listing.

The preliminary consideration in terms of indicators is that if the cumulative dividend in the three years in the reporting period accounts for more than 80% of the net profit in the same period, or if the cumulative dividend in the three years in the reporting period accounts for more than 50% of the net profit in the same period and the cumulative dividend amount exceeds 300 million yuan, at the same time, if the total proportion of replenishment and loan repayment of the funds raised is higher than 20%, it will not be allowed to issue and list. The Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges said that the next step is to revise the relevant rules and do a good job in implementing them.

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